Blog - How online learning can help you navigate Brexit

The media spotlight around Brexit may have died down for the time being, but as negotiations continue, it’s important companies across the island put plans in place for whatever the outcome might be.


InterTradeIreland has a range of Brexit supports available to help companies get ready whatever the decision, a key element of which is ‘Brexit and Beyond’, offering FREE online learning specifically designed for firms trading cross-border.


We know from research carried out by InterTradeIreland through collaborating with partners and businesses across the island, the key issues facing SMEs were in relation to customs, supply chain, logistics and the movement of people: so we wanted to provide a one-stop shop that answered all these queries.


We recognise small firms are busy so we created a purpose built, easy to use learning environment. The content is always evolving, with new elements being added and refreshed every week.


Customs course

The customs course is designed to provide a simple cross-border guide to customs. It offers a step-by-step guide on what customs are, how to import, how to export and how to obtain commodity and tariff codes along with FAQs and downloadable action plans. This course will be offering NEW video content on a step-by-step guide on how to complete import and export declarations later this month.


People course

The people course offers information on EU settlement scheme, employment law, the common travel area and the impact on cross-borders and human resources. All content includes many examples of the differing situations of people and how they may or may not be affected. This course also includes FAQs, downloadable action plans.


Coming soon: Supply chain and logistics course


This will be designed to provide a simple guide to supply chain and logistics.  Alongside developing a deeper knowledge and understanding of the key aspects of supply chain management and logistics, SMEs will be able to develop a set of practical techniques, skills and tactics on how to manage the supply chain, with a specific focus on Brexit-related and cross-border issues.  This new section should be ready in June.



Kerri McCrory is a Digital Content Manager for InterTradeIreland’s Brexit Advisory Service. Kerri is an e-learning specialist with over ten years’ experience working in higher education and industry, with a PhD in e-learning. Kerri has worked on the cutting edge of learning technologies and has a strong research and practical background in e-learning, working for Trinity College Dublin, Ulster University and in the private sector.

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