Dear Colleague

Since participating in the Elevate programme, we hope that you have developed a robust sales and marketing strategy and are well on your way to winning new cross-border sales.

We know that doing business in the opposite jurisdiction can be challenging.  If you are still facing barriers to doing business across the border, we having £1,000/ €1,200 funding available towards professional advice in areas such as:

  • Finance/Taxation
  • Employment law
  • Currency Issues
  • Regulation
  • Tendering 

Am I eligible?

  • Your company must be a registered Small Business (10 employees or less)
  • With an annual turnover not exceeding €2m/£1.7m. 
  • The assistance requested must relate to cross border trade and business.
  • You must be a manufacturing or internationally tradable service company.


Apply today for our Trade Accelerator Voucher  and help exploit new cross-border business opportunities on your doorstep !

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