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On the Pulse of Innovation - Call for SMEs to join Co-Innovate Programme
Up to 300k funding available for cross-border collaboration projects
Get funding for up to 50% of the salary of project manager to deliver 12 month innovation project
Plastic company breaks the mould thanks to Co-Innovate
Meet our programme team - Abbé Cusack
Innovation Workshop, 23rd January, Omagh
Innovation workshop, 29th January, Ballymena
Innovation Workshop, 30th January, Bangor
Innovation Workshop, 31st January, East Belfast
Innovation Workshop, 5th February, Newry
Innovation Workshop, 7th February, Limavady
Innovation Workshop, 5th March, Donegal LEO
Innovation Workshop, 14th March, Armagh
Innovation Workshop, 21st March, Dundalk
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Up to 300k funding available for cross-border collaboration projects

What is the Co-Innovate Business to Business Programme about?
Providing funding and support to help minimum of two companies with an innovative idea for a new product with strong commercial potential  to partner together to get it off the ground.   


How much funding is available?

  • Up to 300k euro funding is available for collaborative cluster partnerships (Up to 50 percent) 
  • Up to 150k euro funding is available for two businesses to partner together to develop a new product.

What are the other benefits?

  • We will match you with a suitable partner to help you develop a new product.
  • Increased rate of being able to bring it to market
  • Being able to share new knowledge, skills and expertise which may not be available in your own company.
  • Access to academic support.

Who is eligible?

We are looking for SMEs in the Manufacturing or Tradable Services sectors, particularly those in Renewables, Life and Health Sciences and Agrifood/Tech sectors. 


Do I need to have a partner in place?

No not necessary to already have a partner. We will help you to find a suitable partner. Companies based in NI or Western Scotland will be matched with suitable partner in ROI Border counties.


How do I apply?

All you need to do is fill in a simple Expression of Interest form and I will contact you to assess your eligibility and help you find a suitable  partner.

Once the partnership is in place, you can avail of 7k support to guide you through the full business application.


What happens next?

Once the application is approved you will be able to start work on the project. All projects are of 2 years duration.



Find out more and register your interest at


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