'Future-proofing your competitive advantage
by redesigning your business
model: An SME perspective

Queens University, Riddel Hall
Wednesday 13th June 2018 

An Innovation Masterclass with Dr Adam Frost, Lecturer in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Queen's University Belfast.

masterclass, aimed particularly at people leading small and medium-sized businesses, will examine how by assessing and redesigning their business model, firms can adapt to deal with the challenges and opportunities they currently face and are likely to face in the future. With a growing number of issues facing businesses, from the uncertainty of Brexit to the growth of new and potentially disruptive types of business, this masterclass will explore a number of emerging frameworks, models and tools that can be used to identify how businesses can increase the value of their activities for their customers.

Dr Adam Frost and Dr Karen Bonner’s masterclass will provide an opportunity for discussion and reflection of how businesses can ensure future growth and success by making any necessary adjustments to their business models.  Register now

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InterTradeIreland All-Island Innovation Programme

The All-Island Innovation Programme is funded by InterTradeIreland which aims to promote and encourage innovation across the island of Ireland. A series of free innovation lectures, seminars and masterclasses are held throughout the year to share international best practice in areas of innovation. The Programme is delivered in partnership with InterTradeIreland, Queen’s University Belfast, NUI Galway, Dublin City University and University College Cork.